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Looking after your core business processes, through our pragmatic software verification system.


Use our system to model and build your Java business processes and then verify the flows automatically.

  1. Code

    The LogicBox Java library provides a revolutionary way to construct modular, regularized, verifiable systems. It lets you write less and more maintainable code for complex high performance systems and provides automatic verification, so that costly errors never hit production.

code - Copy.png

2. Verify Automatically

Use our runtime verification system to prove the desired behaviour of your system, before going live.

LogicBox A A AtoZ AtoZ A->AtoZ PRE AtoC AtoC A->AtoC PRE AtoC1 AtoC1 A->AtoC1 PRE Z Z AtoZ->Z POST AtoZ->AtoC owns CtoD CtoD AtoZ->CtoD owns AtoZ_join_0 AtoZ_join_0 AtoZ->AtoZ_join_0 owns C C C->CtoD PRE AtoC->C POST AtoC->AtoC1 owns BtoC BtoC AtoC->BtoC owns B B B->BtoC PRE BtoC1 BtoC1 B->BtoC1 PRE AtoC1->B POST BtoC->C POST BtoC->BtoC1 owns BtoC1->C POST D D E E D->E extract F F D->F extract CtoD->D POST E->AtoZ_join_0 PRE F->AtoZ_join_0 PRE AtoZ_join_0->Z POST

3. Execute

LogicBox provides the same logical output across 3 modes of operation:

DIS - Distributed across a Hazelcast cluster (

PAR - Parallelized across available cpu cores

SEQ - Sequential, runs in a single thread, useful for debugging

OUR StacK:

LogicBox Java Java LogicBox LogicBox Java ->LogicBox Hazelcast Hazelcast LogicBox->Hazelcast Docker Docker Hazelcast->Docker was born out of the need for highly reliable systems in financial trading. A single incorrect line of code can wreak havoc in critical systems. In order to keep ahead, competitive fields demand complex systems which can continuously adapt.'s mission is to reduce the cost of developing and testing such systems. Our approach is to develop tools which prevent common errors in programming sequential, parallel and distributed systems, and which automatically find errors which we can not eliminate upfront, so that these errors never hit production.